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In order to make the site more attractive, I will try to post a photo of a Babson horse every week and try to tell you its history and its particularities.

I hope to help you better understand my passion for these very special horses…

Above all, I hope that you will devour these little stories which always help to better understand the Great History of the most wonderful steed that the earth has given us!

Happy Reading everyone!

1st week!!!

We are going to start our little tour of Babsons horses with a photo that I received recently and which I find simply magnificent. This photo touched me a lot as the mare radiates beauty…

This mare is called Princeton Maaroufa by Serr Maariner and Black Satin. Full sister to Princeton Maariner, the stallion that I will use in 2009, she is nevertheless quite different, with a black coat that she has passed on to all her offspring. One of the rare lines of black Babsons still in existence. P.Maaroufa was born to Gail Hoff Carmona, produced for breeding then was leased by Carolyn Collets who crossed her with Fadl Starr but also with Faydin. Finally she was bought by Mari Silveus with whom she produced two of the most beautiful black Babson mares, the very exotic Sunnyru Maaroufa and Sunnyru Legacy. This mare has mainly produced fillies, each as beautiful as the other…

Today this line is very sought after, on the one hand for the color but above all for its exoticism.

Our stallion BW Ebon Faydin is his grandson, what a legacy!! I had the chance to see her mother Bint Fadl Starr in Arizona in 2006. This mare wonderfully represented the alliance of refinement and strength, she was a concentrate of what Babson blood can give.

In conclusion, we can say that Princeton Maaroufa has really left its mark on Babson breeding and that his prolific descendants follow in the footsteps of this matriarch; today his daughters have taken over and are producing in turn in the Babson line. It is therefore still possible to have access to this bloodstream…another beautiful dream, or rather a quest!

Midbar Fa Rabdan

It is with great pleasure that I present to you one of the stallions that I would like to add to my program. Now deceased, he has a few products that have taken over, and his daughters that I had the pleasure of seeing touched me a lot.

This bay stallion, son of Ibn Fa Serr and Aroufina traced to Maaroufa, has a classic pedigree of what was done at the Babson farm with a high % of blood from Bint Serra I. I really like his neckline. very elegant, his head so expressive, his good length of legs. I was able to admire two of his daughters in Arizona, Almoraima Alegria and Rabdans Cerraniza. Both of good size, with a very beautiful head. The same bay dress, the same look…I really loved their conformation and also their kindness. I also had the opportunity to see one of his granddaughters, Raees Rou Rabda, one of the best mares of my trip. This great gentleman did not have many Babson offspring, because like many SO horses, Heirloom he was not immediately valued in a preservationist house and he covered only a few Babson mares at the end of his life at Bruce and Diana Johnson. Hoping that the future brings me a little surprise “Midbar Fa Rabdan”!


This magnificent bay-brown stallion born in 1958 was the leading stallion for Walter Schimanski. Born to Mrs Ott, he was later sold to Mr Robert E Cowling. He was mainly used at Masada Arabians where he produced among others, Masada el Aba, Masada Saafaana, Ibn Saafaddan… This son of Faddan is one of the rare sources of the blood flow of the saqlawyiah mare Bint Saada.

Within Maarena Arabians, my mare Fa Daahlina is a direct descendant of Saafaddan through her dam Almoraima Neblina, a daughter of Ibn Saafaddan.


This superb bay mare was born in 1978 at Babson Farm. Out of Mahrouf and Roulena, both by Fabah. I discovered this little gem while looking at the pedigree of my two horses, Roubih and Faaris. I asked Gayle Tyler, the former owner of Roulett, for photos and I fell madly in love! She was a prolific mare with 5 Babson mares and 4 SE horses. The five mares in turn had many fillies, just incredible!

I would like to thank Gayle for having produced beautiful foals with Mah Hab, Roufas and Amir Ibn FaSerr…