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Photos at the start of spring…

The month of March promises to be hot here, we took the opportunity to take a few photos this Sunday of the two mares from the breeding farm.

Go see them on their respective pages!

New horses for sale at very attractive prices, take advantage!

I have just brought in three horses for sale, mainly Babson/Sirecho and Brown bloodlines. the perfect blend of beauty and athleticism. I remind you that these horses are in the USA. I take care of the import.

Do not hesitate to have more information.

Our Ebon stallion is for SALE!!! Take advantage of this opportunity!

We regretfully sell our 6 year old stallion who unfortunately cannot aspire to a breeding career. On the other hand, it will be able to satisfy any rider for competition or leisure.

Looking for a [b]5 star [/b] house. He has a great temperament, very easy to manage with other horses, can live in groups with geldings for example. Excellent cardio. He has been in endurance training since August 2008 and will be worked on until the sale.
Qualified on 20 and 40, he is just waiting for you for the rest… May also be suitable for dressage and leisure enthusiasts.
Very athletic conformation, beautiful expressive head. Supple gaits and great galloping class. Lots of power.
Height chart 1.52m.

Unique pedigree in France, Straight Egyptian, Straight Babson, Sheykh Obeyd and Heirloom.

Quite unique horse looking for a rider who can have fun with it and who will shine in many competitions!

High price justified.

The Maarena project…The rest!!

For my birthday I got a very nice gift (thanks Alexis!), which will be an integral part of the Maarena Project.

The beautiful one is Sunnyru Maarena, bred by Mari Silveus, just like the father of my foal Medinna Ibn Faaris. Sunnyru Maarena is a Babson mare with a line that traces towards Sirecho.

She is by Princeton Faaris and Princeton Maarena. I share this magnificent creature while it resides in the US, until 2010/2011?? time for co-owner Floyd Reid to have a foal from this beautiful brunette.

She will therefore return to France subsequently in foal to Haliluyah MH, a stallion stationed at Jody Cruz, Rancho Bulankenyo.

Still some time before she arrives in France but I will be sure to tell you her American stories in the meantime!

The Maarena Project

Since the creation of the breeding, I had focused all my attention on Maarena, as explained in the section “Breeding, Why Maarena Arabians?”. For the moment we only had Ebon who had this mare in her pedigree.

Our project is now larger because next year we will use Princeton Mariner (22 year old stallion) who is stationed in England. After a few years of discussion…! It is finally available as frozen seed throughout Europe.

He is a son of Serr Mariner and therefore grandson of Maarena. Our two mares will therefore be inseminated in the spring for lots of potential little “Maarenas”!

And who knows, maybe some other surprises will be added to the program!

Some Babsons for sale at the moment…

For some time now, I have been selling Babsons or Sheykh Obeyd horses in France from the USA. Thanks to my network that I have created over the years, I know each breeder well and can assure you of having horses of very high mental, sporting and aesthetic qualities!

I am very happy that new owners have found their rare gem thanks to me!!

Congratulations to Catherine Zug for the importation of two magnificent horses SO, SE…They arrived Wednesday October 22…The photos are in the “horses for sale” section.

If you also want to acquire the horse of your life, contact me!

Faaris in autumn

The “junior” house stallion is growing well 🙂

Ebon qualifies in endurance

Two qualifications over 20 and 40 km after three months of training. He is stationed at Gers Arabians.

Coached by Patricia Commere.

A photo summer…

I took the opportunity to do a lot of shootings this summer, Sinoan Arabians, Shahada Stud, Domaine des Chaumes among others…

Go see either in photos or in Image gallery…

And above all, don’t hesitate if you want me to come to your house.

ACAB Conference February 2008

First conference bringing together our association, good atmosphere at the meeting and above all lots of questions during this weekend!

Topics covered: origins of PSA, pure Arab Asil blood difference, how to study a pedigree, image analysis of the relationship type and strains. Evaluation of horses according to the ACAB grid.